January 30, 2019

Understanding - The Artist's Agony and Ecstacy

By Takaoka Art
Understanding - The Artist's Agony and Ecstacy
The Artist's Agony and Ecstacy text


The Artist's Agony and Ecstacy print was released in 2017. There is a speech bubble written in Japanese above Murakami. We are providing you with a Japanese to English translation so you can understand the inner workings of Takashi Murakami's thought process. 

So here is the rough translation:

Ah well, the story of mankind!!Always making the same old stupid mistakes. Every minute, every moment deluding themselves in the belief “This is right, this is just. This is the only way!” even though that’s not the case at all!

Then there’s the entity known as “Country”. Countries have always changed over history and many people have thrown their lives away fighting for a mere line on a map. Just as the saying goes “Countries may go crashing down in war, but the mountains still rise to the sky and the rivers run to the sea”, the world still goes on regardless of people’s hopes and expectations. We know that deep down in our hearts, but we still get dragged along by the highs and lows of the world around us.

Our lives are full of excitement, anger, and the cries of sadness and joy!

So, all of you around the world who are going to see this picture in the future, let me tell you that today is September 26th, 2012. Please take the time to look at what was happening in the world at the time this picture was produced. At present, we are not embroiled in any major wars. I’m free to produce my art without fear or constraint, so I want you to preserve that balance between peace and freedom in your life as much as humanly possible.

The act of discovering human possibility through art is something that only sentient human beings can do. So, I say “Long live art!”

Japanese text:










*Apologies in advance for our poor translation.