Paradise in a Flower Field

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Artist: Takashi Murakami

Title: Paradise in a Flower Field

Year: 2023

Edition: 300

Size: 710 Φ mm (28 in diameter | 71 cm diameter)

Medium: Offset print, cold stamp and high gloss varnishing

This is hand signed by Takashi Murakami.

Comments from the artist:
The painting on which this print is based took about three years to complete from the start of its production, using the method in which we apply numerous layers of paint to achieve the multi-layered structure using silkscreens and squeegees.
The reason why I paint flowers is because in the history of Japanese painting, there has been a strong context of appreciating nature, a tradition of depicting natural sceneries of the four seasons, such as flowers, birds, wind, and moon, or snow, moon, and flowers, without including human figures. This is the context in which I produce works with flower motifs.

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