Renowned as a leading luminary in contemporary street art, Banksy effortlessly blends irreverent wit with incisive political commentary. Maintaining an enigmatic persona adds layers of intrigue to his prolific output, which ranges from subversive alterations of urban signage to audacious stunts like clandestinely placing his creations within esteemed institutions such as the Louvre and the Museum of Modern Art.

Utilizing spray paint and stencils as his preferred mediums, Banksy fearlessly tackles themes ranging from consumerism and political hegemony to terrorism and the very essence of artistic expression itself. His body of work, spanning from impromptu street installations to meticulously crafted studio pieces, has captivated audiences across global cultural capitals such as Los Angeles, New York, London, and Bethlehem.

The allure of Banksy's art extends beyond the streets, commanding attention on the secondary market where his pieces have garnered significant interest, often commanding astonishing eight-figure sums at auction.