Gerhard Richter - Tulips - P17

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Artist: Gerhard Richter

Title: Tulips - P17

Year: 2017

Edition: 500

Size: 36 x 41 cm

Medium: Diasec-mounted giclée print on aluminium

This print is packed in the original packaging. Numbered on the reverse.

Note: This will be shipped from Japan so the buyer is responsible for all import fees and taxes in their respective country.

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Gerhard Richter’s 1995 oil on canvas ‘Tulips’ is a standout work from his acclaimed photo paintings series. The work began as a photograph from ‘Atlas’, Richter’s collection of photographs, newspaper cuttings and sketches assembled from the 1960s. This original image of a bouquet of yellow tulips in a green vase is seemingly rendered through chiaroscuro as a spotlight appears to highlight the buds.

Richter projected the photograph onto a canvas and began painting accordingly, staying true to the original image’s colors. The artist’s mechanical process of tracing a photographic image nonetheless produced an abstract image. A characteristic technique of Richter’s which echoes an unfocused camera lens, the artist blurred the image, allowing light and color to blend in this visually captivating still life.

Richter built on this tension between mechanical and painterly image further in 2017 with ‘Tulips (P7)’, a Diasec‐mounted giclée print on aluminium. Not only does this facsimile maintain the integrity of the original painting, but it is a continuation of the issues the work initiated. Beginning as a photographic image that was abstracted through paint, the image is thus converted back into a photograph, effectively abstracting it one step further. (Source: Heni)