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Takaoka Art Co., Ltd.


Telephone: +81 (0) 70 8513 5571
WhatsApp: +81 (0) 70 8513 5571

1.  International Shipping:

We offer worldwide shipping with DHL Express. All our artworks are tracked and insured to the value of the work, so you know that your art is in safe hands.

2.  Secure Payment:

Takaoka Art is a safe and secure platform to purchase art. We offer different options of payment to meet your needs. All information collected will be kept confidential and not used for any other purpose.

3.  Buy, Sell & Promote:

- Shop 

Takaoka Art Gallery is an online transaction platform that connects artists with art lovers. It is a fast and simple way of viewing art pieces, with the relevant information of the artist and secure payment options such as PayPal. 

- Artist

This is a platform to display a network of artists from all over the world, with the possibility of promoting your work to the world. If you are interested in being featured on our page, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to promote your work.